What is fixed fee conveyancing

Fixed fee conveyancing is where, instead of charging an hourly rate, a solicitor will provide a pre-agreed price for all of the legal work that is required for your conveyancing process. Nowadays, per hour charges for conveyancing are becoming a rare occurrence as more solicitors move towards the more popular fixed fee model. Fixed Fee is more popular as it allows fair comparison between solicitors, significantly reduces the possibility of hidden charges and makes it easier for the buyer or seller to allocate budget for the legal fees. You can compare conveyancing quotes using our tool below

Compare Fixed Fee Conveyancing Quotes

Our conveyancing quotation tool is simple to use and within three easy steps you will be given a list of solicitors to choose from with their fixed fee cost. By providing you with fixed fee quotes to choose from we make it far easier for you to choose a solicitor and save money. The fees we quote have been negotiated with the solicitors in our network and are not available anywhere else. Even if you were to go to the solicitor directly you will end up paying more for your conveyancing.

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What does fixed fee conveyancing include?

A fixed fee conveyancing quote from 123Convey includes everything you could possibly need from your legal team. There are no hidden extras, no additional disbursements and extra charges and absolutely no unexpected hidden conveyancing costs. You are able to request a breakdown of what exactly you are getting for your fees making it easier to compare between solicitors. You may want to ask your solicitor whether they include a ‘no sale – no fee’ clause within their legal fees which means you are not liable for the legal fees should the house purchase or sale fall through.

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Compare Conveyancing Quotes

What type of work is fixed fee conveyancing applicable to?

Fixed fee conveyancing is applicable to any conveyancing process so that, no matter if you are buying a house, selling your house, buying and selling or remortgaging you will be able to receive a fixed fee conveyancing quote by using our tool.

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What should I do after I receive my fixed fee conveyancing quote?

We recommend not choosing a solicitor simply based on price. There are other important factors to consider and things to do before making a decision. You should read over the quote carefully to make sure it includes everything you require and you are happy with the solicitors terms and conditions of service. We also advise reading reviews about your shortlist of solicitors to get an idea of the experience others have had. You may also want to give your potential solicitor a call to have a conversation with them and ask any outstanding questions you may have.

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